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We all need something to cuddle and love (and to talk to), and a doll or bear has throughout history provided this comfort.  I have made dolls for years, but as an artists I made what would be more thought of as sculptures, not bears to love and hug - but that has changed with Compassionate Companions, and I find that taking a bear to my clients in need adds a new dimension of loving and caring, and whilst they may not speak directly to me, they will chat with a bear.

In our town Trauma Teddies are always in demand, and I have therefore launched a pattern on its of my easiest to make bear.  Just one main seam plus sewing on the eyes muzzle and mouth... or painting/drawing them on if sewing is not possible.  

In order that you can experience this life affirming practice, I have put a pattern on etsy,  I have offered a zoom class on the 16th of August at 6,30, and a Studio class (at my studio) at 12 noon on the 13th of August.  

If none of these suit you, purchase a pattern, give it a go, and if you are having troubles, you can email or zoom me and i can talk you through it.  Or you can organise a zoom class and i will pop in and help out.

It is a great thing to do.

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