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We all need something to cuddle and love (and to talk to), and a doll or bear has throughout history provided this comfort.  I have made dolls for years, but as an artist I made what would be more thought of as sculptures, not bears to love and hug - but that has changed with Compassionate Companions, and I find that taking a bear to my clients in need adds a new dimension of loving and caring, and whilst they may not speak directly to me, they will chat with a bear.  Even RUOK?

For people who have lost a loved one, a bear is a wonderful solace, especially if somewhere on (or in) that bear is a remembrance token of the one passed.

If you would like a bear I have "The House of Bears".  Choose one (or I will choose one for you) and we will make a MEMORY BEAR just for you.  You can send me a small bag of ashes of your loved one (animal or human), I will make a pouch which I will place into the heart of your bear.  We can even add a little poem or special words.  

Then I will make a neck tie (with or without bling), and write the name and dates of your loved one's passing on the neck tie.  I will post your bear to you, or you can come and collect it.  

If you would like more details email me and lets start a conversation - this will be a very special little companion for you.  Email me:

Let’s Work Together

37 Morris Road, Woodend, 3442

TEXT ONLY: 0402088170:

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