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About us

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We have always said that yoga changes the world ONE YOGI AT A TIME.  


With this project, when you graduate you can do just that through your work as a Compassionate Companion.  You can change the wold, one person, one client at a time... or by enrolling your senior students with us, could be instrumental in helping hundreds.

It is up to you.  This is not a counselling course.  It is learning how to sit, how to Be, how to listen. " Doing by not doing" as they say in the Zen tradition.  It sounds easy - it is not.  The simplest things turn out to be the hardest things.





Seniors Laughing

We are not "healers" in the accepted sense of the word, although our healing mission is profound.  

We sit with those who are unable to speak for themselves, children, adults or pets.  We midwife them into the next stage of their life (sometimes death), in a way that enables them to cross over without fear.  We advocate for them when that is appropriate.


It is not just adults we have the opportunity to work with, we can work with children, and also with pets - our fur-babies.  


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