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If you don’t know her as one of the first YOGA TEACHERS in the district, you may have seen Jahne around the town, in the bush and beside the Five Mile Creek collecting the herbs and bark for her practice.  After 50 + years teaching yoga teachers Internationally, and looking after the local community and animals with yoga,  and massage,  and 30 years working with Bach Therapies Jahne has just qualified in The Advanced Diploma in Bach Remedies (with Distinction) recognised by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine



With the arrival of Covid and subsequent lock-downs she founded Compassionate Companions to work in the community with the living and the dying, both HUMANS AND ANIMALS.  She provides holistic and Bach homeopathic treatments for people and animals in the Macedon Ranges, and approaches her work across the board as a partnership in wellness..


“What's showing up a lot right now – post Covid lock-downs in our community  - is very much centred around the nervous system. 


There's more anxiety, fatigue, sensitivity, depression, low mood, and low vitality than usual. And fear.  I think fear can be a bit of a collective thought virus as well. People and animals are dealing with fear.  However it presents it is cycling in their bodies, as is the fear of being unwell.   I am sure you have noticed that everyone is operating on a very different level right now”.


Jahne is no different.  At this time in her life (she is 75 years young) her passion is Bach Flower Remedies which dovetails just beautifully with her work as a COMPASSIONATE COMPANION to all.  Children, families, teenagers, shelving thudding, and of course - animals....

If you are interested in training, in making, in a consultation - please contact jahne on


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