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Our CCP Graduates are "Compassionate Companions" .  

They can be employed to sit with your relative, client (in the case of a hospital or organisation) or friend (or your pet), when time, circumstance or Covid has meant that you cannot complete this wonderful service yourself. It is a great honour and a great responsibility. They can also help you compile your LITTLE BLACK BOOK so that no-one need to be stressed out trying to organise your end-of-life is how you want it to be.

In the old days, end-of-life care would have been lovingly carried out by an extended family.  This is no longer possible, except in stand-out circumstances.  This does not mean that your loved one needs to spend time alone, lonely and unloved.

Our graduates have spent many years studying yoga/meditation and the depth of The Breath before taking on this further study and great responsibility.  Many have qualifications in other caring modalities, and bring those gifts to this work.

FOR ENQUIRIES AND INFORMATION, to discuss END-OF-LIFE assistance, or help compiling your "LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF EVERYTHING (END-OF-LIFE DIRECTIVE") for a loved one or pet, please email the address above to book an appointment with me. 




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