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This book contains lists for everything that would needed by a carer in case of your hospitalisation or executor at end-of-life, or if you live in a bush-fire prone area as I do the book you would need to kickstart your life after a fire. This book should be completed and kept in a safe place with 1. YOUR WILL, 2. YOUR MEDICAL END OF LIFE DIRECTIVE and 3. THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF EVERYTHING.

I have been inspired by students who have had great stress on the death of a loved one and the realisation that they know nothing about how to run the financial side of life, or what the partner wanted at end-of-life, except for the big things covered by a Will - which by the way tell you what needs to happen to the assets, but doesn’t cover passwords etc. How is the executor going to pay for the funeral (or weekly expenses) when the bank has frozen the assets? Do you know what sort of funeral you partner wants, what happens to the pets, insurance passwords??? There is so much to know.

It also is crucial in helping you rebuild your life after a catastrophic incident such as a major fire. After i lost my house in the 1983 bushfires, the insurance assessors swooped in and had a field day as few of us has lists of what we had or how to move forward. With this book I could have saved months (maybe years) of stress, and thousands of dollars.

This book is available as an EBook for download, or you can buy a hard copy. In this time of covid and stress, this is a very important document, and everyone should have a copy filed close to their will. Go to for your copy.

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