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TRAINING programs



You can start our program any time.  We will adjust for you.  It is a 12 week program, which includes ZOOM, home study, and case studies.  You will have to do an exam at the end, but when you graduate after only 12 weeks, you will have three certificates:

1. A "Death-Doula Certificate" so you can assist the dying into the "next place".  You can advocate for them with relatives, social workers and medical staff if they are not able to advocate for themselves - but this is not about counselling, and it in no way gives you medical training. 

2. A "Compassionate Companions Certificate" to enable you to sit with the lonely and the lost.  Once again, advocating for them with social workers etc.  You will be well placed after time to know what is needed and wanted.  You will be the a friend in need.  Maybe listening to their life story.  This not just with adults.  You may get to work with children too.

3. A "Compassionate Companions - Veterinary Certificate" to enable you to work with pets.  I used to bring dying animals home rather than have them die alone at pounds and vet hospitals. As a 'companion", just going each day and sitting with the animal can ease their passing. They are our fur-babies, especially if their owners are without children or other family.

These trainings are not given separately, they are taught as a composite unit.  It is how you use the trainings that enables you to take on whatever comes your way.  Whatever anyone asks you to do, you will be able to say YES, and perform your duties beautifully.

THE END-OF-LIFE DIRECTIVE.  In the course of working with your clients, you could help them complete this directive.  All their contacts, history, funeral needs in one place.  An end of life essential.  This valuable document will be loaded in the shop on this site when concluded, and will be able to be found on

Please log on to " and subscribe to our newsletter which goes to everyone, not just CCP persons although there is an overlap.  It is delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  

Our latest course starts at 10am on Sunday 10th October.  Please email Jahne for admission/information pack.


Become A Mentor



It is always helpful to have a team.  This is your chance to build one around you.


A group of like minded students who can do the training you have done, and who will work with you as a team.  You can swap stories, de-brief together, mentor each other and support each other.

You may have always wanted to take on the challenge we are offering you, however, you may not have realised what a difficult task it can be.  

It is necessary not to overload, to talk through the difficult cases if not with me, then with someone close to you.  And you have to look after yourself.  Not trying to do the "caring olympics".  Burn out will happen and it will not help your health, your state of mind, your relationship or your clients, believe me.  I have been there.

First step:  Get a little interested group together, talk with them about this opportunity, and start maybe with just one or two team mates, and grow from there.  Study buddies until you all graduate.


Other Mentoring Programs

We are working to enlist partners.  Businesses which know about us/you and will support you. They will advocate for your contract with their clients for instance.  As we progress with this I will let you know so on graduation you can approach them with your qualifications and be recognised.  

You will need to graduate first and be Registered and Insured before you will be considered a "Professional" in this field.  


Love is Love

***MAYBE you would like to train with us to be a COMPASSIONATE COMPANION and help others in all areas of their life.  It it not just about possessions.  To one person it maybe just sitting and breathing with them at end-of-life; for another it is finding their way through a mess left behind by a sudden death of a loved one, or it could be organising de-cluttering the house, and anything in between.


Click on the training programs above and contact us.  

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